Sunday, July 17, 2011

Was someone actually taken home?

This movie came out and I don't think anyone even realized it.  I caught this the other day.  I was intrigued from the trailer as it appeared to be set in the late 80's/early 90's, a generation I grew up in.

Overall, it wasn't bad.  It's about Topher Grace, who was a brain in school (he's like Rain Man with numbers) but a loser with the ladies.  He's working for a video store now and in walks in Tori, his high-school crush. After pretending to work for a high-powered bank, she invites him to a big party that he's never gone to before.  With his sister (Anna Faris) and his buffoon friend, who just got fired from his job at an auto dealership, he tries to hook up with her at the party.

Now, this movie had it's strong points and its weak points.  Topher Grace has this easy likeability about him.  He doesn't do anything too stupid either, he's just good at playing the every-guy who has to get by with his brain and sense of humor over looks.  There was a really good exchanged between him and the girl who played his crush about whether or not she would have dated him in high school.  The answer out of her mouth was no...I don't think I've seen a movie do that before.  It's always stereotypically "yes, you should have asked me".  In this case, it's no!  And he's relieved!  His reasoning "if you said no, then I would have hated you and wouldn't be sitting her right now."  I like that!  Also, the scene where he tricks the guy by elaborating on his fake job, is great!

His friend is kind of annoying (though it was jokes when he tried to do a dance-off with another guy).  Anna Faris really has nothing to do, we have a subplot between her and this guy, they're together, but he's kind of a douche and even though he's honest with her, she still leaves him.  Typical stuff.  There's also cocaine and other stuff...I don't care about that sort of thing, so whenever they delve into it, it's pointless to me.  The soundtrack was reminiscent of the time period, so that was nice.  There was also a weird Angie Everhart scene...but she still looks pretty damn amazing!

So, a slightly above average comedy.  If you really like Topher Grace, then you should see this, otherwise, it's a renter at best, but not bad.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

- Stephenstein

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