Thursday, July 21, 2011

JCVD 1999

From now on I will be doing solo reviews for JCVD films. Starting with his last American Theatrical release.

Universal Soldier: The Return.

JCVD returns with wrestler Goldberg and Michael Jai White in the sequel to Unisols. This time around Jai White is the villain and I have to say that he is awesome! I mean not so much in this film, but in general. He was Black Dynamite and Spawn, but his best movie was Undisputed 2. He is a real fighter man, and I wish he got more roles.

For those who don’t know him, he was in Dark Knight – the black guy thug that Joker kills.

Anyway this one was a let down after Unisols, I mean JCVD is “off” the program? What does that mean – you can just stop being a unisol? They are DEAD soldiers. I don’t get how is able to survive without the injections and what not.

It was just poorly conceived. This ended JCVD’s American Theatre career and spawned a bunch of lame straight to video sequels.

In the end, JCVD is still cool and its neat to see him fight as usual, but this one was just underwhelming.

3/5 – hey JCVD cant get lower than 3!


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