Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another New Nightamre

A Nightmare on Elm Street.

This remake, like all, was and is pointless. I don’t understand the need for these movies when Freddy vs Jason was successful. As it is, Robert Englund has been Freddy since the beginning and he isn’t a literary character, or a comic character, like Batman. Batman can be played by different actors because he has was conceived as a comicbook character, but Freddy has always and forever been Robert Englund.

Anyone who says, well he was getting old is wrong. In FVJ he was great and in fact he was the best he’s ever been since part 3!

In any case, I will give this movie a far review based on what it is. And for that, I actually enjoyed it.

I love Jackie Earle Haley, he played Rorschach – the best part of Watchmen, so needless to say if there was an actor who could take Robert’s place (after Robert passed away that is, or became a senior citizen) then Jackie would be the one. And he plays well here as Freddy – a different Freddy, more like Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Freddy, a bit darker, but not as a scary I think.

In any case this movie has a lot of dream sequences. I swear every 5 minutes someone falls asleep and Freddy appears, so that’s a bonus. As for the story, they change it up a bit and some characters get shuffled around, but it’s basically the same thing. Only this time, Freddy didn’t kill kids – he was just molesting them? This was very unclear and a bit disappointing when we look at the old movie where he was really sinister. Don’t get me wrong, he is still evil here, but not killing the kids does take away a bit from the whole parents getting revenge. It cheapens the revenge.

It’s like showing how Michael Myers grew up in the Rob Zombie Halloween. His family was a bunch of assholes, well of course they raised a killer. You ended up knowing too much about Myers and that wasn’t the point of the original movie – where he was just a normal kid that snapped one day.

In any case, I still kind of liked this movie. I mean this is a strictly for fans of the films, because the plot is surprisingly lacking – even for a slasher flick, and Freddy only uses his claws here – no inventive deaths, but still, I liked the movie in the end for what it was and I liked Jackie as Freddy, but I can never accept any substitutes.

This is like the Friday the 13th remake. If you are like me and own all the Friday’s and Nightmares and then you buy these remakes, I am ok.

But if you are someone who ONLY prefers these remakes then you suck.
Yeah I said.



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