Monday, July 4, 2011

JCVD 1994

Street Fighter.

Oh boy. This is the black sheep of the family.

This movie as a representation of Street Fighter the video game is horrid.
I played SF1 – but sucked at it. When SF2 came out – I was in heaven. To this day I still play SF – ask my wife, I play that game every day! Of course now they are on Super Street Fighter 4 – but hey, this is the best version of them all!

Before I get carried away on the game, ill just say this – if you totally ignore the fact that the game is nothing like the movie, then you can enjoy this little actioner. I mean JCVD is cool and Bison is really wicked, so its fun.

This is a so bad it’s good – but could at times be Batman & Robin.

1/5 for SF fans.
3/5 for action fans.



One of the top JCVD movies!

JCVD is in the future and we can travel back through time. But only to the past, since the future hasn’t happened yet.

So bad guys are traveling back and stealing gold and money – and the villain is trying to get himself elected as president – I think if you could time travel there would be an easier way to become president, but whatever.

The story is pretty cool here and I liked the action. I mean this is a fun movie. Try not to nitpick the time travel stuff, and you’ll be ok!

PS – this also has one of my favorite tag lines of all time.

They killed his wife ten years ago.
There’s still time to save her.



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