Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Fist of Legend.

I normally try to come with some stupid title to my reviews that are funny or witty in some way but I just didn’t want to make fun of this in any way. This is a masterpiece of kung fu entertainment. I am actually ashamed I never saw this earlier. Jet Li is the best ever and this can be used for his demo reel. If you don’t understand why people die over Jet Li go buy this.

This is a remake of Fist of Fury (Bruce Lee), obviously Jet Li isn’t better than Bruce Lee, but he’s pretty darn close!

The story is the same, a Japanese Samurai kills Jet Li’s master and Li comes back for revenge. Jet Li finds the guy and defeats him easily – which means Li’s master should have won. This leads Jet to discover that his master was poisoned before the match and we learn that Samurai aren’t really to blame.

The setting of this film is during the tension between Japan and China (which may still be going on???), but the movie doesn’t favor either side. We see good Japanese people and bad. Good Chinese and bad. So you get a good sense of realism here.

But the fights are the big attraction and they are perfect. There is a lot of them and each one is so wicked you will not know what to do with yourself while watching them. These should be used to promote martial arts lessons – right after watching I felt like getting back into it! Jet Li shows why he is one of the top guys in this.

Bruce was the best of all time, but he died before his time – and we are left with Jet Li, Tony Jaa, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen (who also did Fist of Fury television show and Legend of the Fist – soon to be reviewed) and these guys are all the top guys! (see Jeeja for top girls!), anyway, there is nothing more to say on this movie except that it is a masterpiece!

I will say one more interesting thing – if you saw Jet Li’s Fearless (that’s a masterpiece also – both cut and uncut versions) then you’ll note that Li’s character in that, is actually the guy who trained his character in Fist of Legend – which means he played both characters!




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