Sunday, July 17, 2011

Psychotic bosses

Thought the trailer for this looked good, so I watched it.  I'll talk about this film in relation to the bosses and their employees.  Makes it easier.

Jason Batemen is pretty cool and pretty much the most normal of the employees.  He has some great bits with Kevin Spacey, with the drinking part that comes up in the movie and also some other bits.  He's the straight, rational one in the film.  Kevin Spacey, who I really like in general, starts out really good, but becomes too psychotic (i.e. killing people) which wasn't so good.  For this movie to work, it had to strike a chord with the working classes.  When Spacey berates Bateman at the start for being late and then steals his promotion, that's something that I think we've all run across, bosses nailing us for crap reasons or ruining our advancement.  However, when he's killing people and what loses it's ability for us to relate.  It went too far.  If me and J-Man wrote this script, no problem, we would draw from real events and it would be good.  The writers for this obviously have never worked in an office in their life and that's where this movie suffers.

Charlie Day who is the assistant to Jennifer Aniston, is the most annoying.  He's this hyper guy who yells a lot and just became...annoying to me.  If your wondering why he wouldn't accept Jennifer Aniston's advances, it's because he's engaged to be married (though his fiancee doesn't seem to mind how much time he's spending with his two friends).  Jennifer Aniston has never been hotter and this might be her best character ever, for me.  She tried to be a femme fatale in Derailed and failed, but this one, she is just this super-aggressive woman who goes over the top right from the get-go.  However, I don't see what attraction she would have for Charlie Day, other than the whole power thing.

Jason Sudikis is the smarmy, smart-assed guy and he really doesn't work well in his role.  They've written him like this guy who is everyone's friend in the office and what not, but I find it hard to believe a smart-ass like him would care about anyone in the office.  He also sleeps around (with Aniston and Spacey's wife) and it was...his schtick got tired, really quick.  I think he's one of those SNL guys, which makes sense, because those guys aren't funny, period.  Colin Farrell is hilarious in the small time he has, because he barely shows up.

The best though are Ioan Gruffald (Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four films) and Jamie Foxx.  Gruffald only has one scene, but it's pretty damned funny!  Foxx is the best, how he got his name and how he ended up in jail were the best jokes in the entire film.  If they made this film about his character, it probably would have been better!

So, there you have it.  It's funny enough for you to check out, but not good enough in the end for me to add to my collection.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

- Stephenstein

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