Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Meaning of Modern Day Life.

The above image is from the film CAPRICORN ONE. I love the movie of course and it’s a classic science fiction picture.

I wont get into the review here (as I have reviewed it on Fantomzone) – but just a quick breakdown. It’s about 3 astronauts that are about to travel to Mars, but complications with the ship prevent them from going. The actual public doesn’t know yet, and the Mars Program is completely out of money and wont be able to get additional funding because the public is losing interest in it. So they decide to fake a Mars landing and not to tell anyone about it.

Government conspiracies are always interesting film topics, and this one clearly addresses the moon landing – was it fake? Who knows. But in the film the astronauts are forced to comply and thus is the movie. The astronauts end up filming the fake landing on a set – seen above – and later regret their decision and try to escape and let the world know the truth – the government peruses etc.

Now to the meaning of life. Look at the picture above and study it. 3 astronauts with no helmets on, so they are clearly not in space. A man in a suit, and a studio set, complete with a camera in the corner. Remember too that the astronauts are good, hard working people who paid their dues and have a good education and the suit guy is the guy with the money and the man in charge.

So the meaning of modern living is:

Some guy in a black suit telling you what to do in a bullshit environment where you are always being watched and if you don’t do what he tells you, you die.

Something to think about.


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