Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why haven't you seen ...

A new segment here where I talk about movies that are really cool that you may not have heard of!

There are thousands of them I’m sure, but I am only going to do a couple a week, or whenever I feel the urge.


So Robin Tunney is a 70s and 80s music lover who is heading home after a few drinks. She is then forced into her car by a stalker and in the struggle the car hits a police officer killing him. The stalker escapes while Robin gets the blame for it. She is innocent, but ends up being put under house arrest, complete with an electronic ankle bracelet. No one believes her and she has to prove her innocence by finding the stalker while being stuck in her home.

This is a really cool concept - trying to prove you’re innocent but never leaving your home. Of course a lot more happens, and it may get a bit sobby for some, but give this one a chance I think you’ll really like it.

I saw it in the theatre on a whim and was totally blown away with how cool it was. There is also a minor romance in it that I find totally believable and actually really nice.

Good movie!

Why haven't you seen ...

A creepy little horror movie that has a lot of coolness and little bit of budget. A bunch of hijackers land their plane in a farmer’s field filled with Scarecrows. They are carrying tons of cash that they stole and after they hijacked the plane one of their crew tried to screw them and stole the money for himself and jumped out the plane. They land the plane and go in search of their former comrade. In the meantime the Scarecrows come to life and start killing off the hijackers for trespassing on their land!

The movie relies on atmosphere and dialogue only. There are little effects, and they are all practical. There isn’t any explanation why the Scarecrows are killing the criminals or how they came to life. They can also mimic the voices of the hijackers and at one point they actually stuff one of them with money and turn him into a living scarecrow.

I discovered this gem when my buddy Sean (not the Sean who posts here) showed it to me. I ended up getting the vhs copy, which was unrated and it finally came out on DVD like 10 years later! The DVD is less than 5 bucks at stores and is hard to find, but if you do, pick it up.

Horror fans will love it, and it’s even a good gateway horror movie – not to scary, but cool.


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