Monday, January 9, 2012

Tree of Life.

To review this non-film after only one viewing would be to review a meal after only one bite. You would get an accurate taste of whether you would like the dish, but you have to try everything on the plate in order to tell if you truly liked it or not.

This is an art film. That means no linear narrative, no exposition to explain stuff to you (check our movie terms), there is only what is on screen and in your mind to help you figure out what is going on and the deeper meaning behind it.

2001: A Space Odyssey is similar, you have to bring something to it and pay attention so that subconsciously you can kind of figure out what is happening. 2001 is my second favorite movie and I consider it to be the best film ever made. Tree of Life isn’t up to those standards for me, however, it is even more complex than 2001, so I really have to view this again.

It took 3 viewings of 2001 for me to really understand most (you can never really understand it all – though I am pretty darn close I think) of what is going on. Tree of Life being more complex, may take more viewings, but even on this first viewing I can tell you that it’s really good.

Just from a tech angle, cinematography and effects – it’s amazing. The creation of the universe sequence is unbelievably amazing and it’s worth getting the bluray for that sequence alone! But there is much more beauty in it than that. If you like Baraka (a non-film) then this is similar in its scenes and quality. What makes this film even cooler is the fact that mostly natural light was used. No studio lighting, it’s all real here boys and the film actually is better for it. The locations are real and the light is real, so you really get a sense of something amazing happening.

This movie isn’t for everyone, but I think those who enjoy putting some thought and discussion into films will enjoy it. I suggest – watch it (in silence, don’t get up to refill your coke every 2 minutes) pay attention to it and then discuss it with someone else. See what they got out of it, see what you got etc. This is what films are all about!


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