Monday, January 2, 2012

Oblivion with a Budget!

Cowboys & Aliens.

So C&A combines science fiction and westerns, it’s not the first to do so, see the Oblivion series, but it’s done in a very serious way. No bullshit in this movie! I was stunned at how serious this film was and how much I loved it.

Daniel Craig is THE MAN in this flick. He rocks! Sam Rockwell is wicked, Clancy Brown as the preacher – BRILLIANT and Harrison Ford was fantastic too! Olivia Wilde was used for her acting, not body – that was cool – a strong female character that didn’t have any sex appeal. There wasn’t any stupid shit in the movie either, like puns, or cheesy one-liners. This was a kick ass action flick would’ve been in my top 10 of the year had I seen it in theatres!

I can’t say enough good things about this one. The aliens are great, we can see them and they are hard to kill man! All the scenes flow well together and there was some real heart in the film too! I liked how all the characters acted and I always love stories were a bunch of different people band together to fight against some evil force!

The explanation for why the aliens are here is interesting too, we have a rare substance known as gold here, and it’s rare for the aliens too. That’s as far as the explanation goes, we don’t know what the aliens do with the gold or with the humans they capture, but I like that. We need some mystery here to keep the aliens scary!

This is a must see and I am disappointed I missed this in theatres.



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