Monday, January 23, 2012

The galaxy has seen better!


So I love Starcrash, Battle Beyond the Stars, Saturn 3 and basically any cheesy scifi flick, and this one surly qualifies. It has a space babe, Galaxina, who is a robot with feelings, though that isn’t really explored much beyond her having the hots for one of the human commanders of the space ship infinity (hey, it’s the dad from Monster Squad!). It also has a lot of cheesy aliens, complete with Halloween store masks – all used up in the stolen Creature Cantina scene from Star Wars (man, EVERYONE copied that scene). But it also has a lot of bad dialogue and failed jokes.

This movie isn’t one of those so bad it’s good movies (I actually don’t believe in that theory, if it’s good, it’s good!), but this is so bad, it’s bad! Nothing much happens, and Galaxina hardly does anything. She is cool for sure, but I mean she isn’t needed in the movie.

I don’t know, maybe it’s not so bad. I mean it has a lot of bad puns, like Mr. Spot – who is a Mr. Spock copy with upside down pointy ears and the trek symbol, and it has a really bad Alien rip off scene where an alien comes out of the guy’s mouth, not chest, as that would require a budget!

I don’t know, I guess the movie is an acquired taste, that as you watch it, you kind of acquire, but it’s nothing compared to Ice Pirates, Krull, or any of the other flicks I mentioned. It just doesn’t have that fun factor. Just the other day I had some of my buddies over (the other 2 bloggers here and 2 others) and we watched the 2 Lou Ferrigno Hercules movies, Starcrash and Jason and the Argonauts, and we had a blast!

Sure Hercules is cheesy with a low budget, but it was fun! It was ambitious! It had some neat fights and they tried. It was a fun watch. We had a blast, but Galaxina is just kind of lame in comparison!

This is for hardcore cheesy sci-fi fans only.

So of course I bought it on DVD!



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