Monday, January 9, 2012

Out of the fire and into the -

Boiler Room.

Anyone involved in sales should watch this. It is gold in terms of what it teaches you about sales. Anyone not involved in sales should also watch this because it teaches you about sales!

You ever get a cold call from some stock broker or someone telemarketer? Well this is what this movie is all about. Trying to get people to buy stocks. Man, these sales guys are not taking any bullshit either. They know their ABC’s (always be closing), and on every call they are told that a sale will take place. They will sell stocks to the person, or the person will sell them that they don’t need stocks.

The movie has a storyline – how these guys are kind of phonies and how they’re company may be up to something fishy or illegal – HELLO it’s sales! They always lie!
But even if it didn’t have a storyline I was right into the training part of the movie, how they get these guys to push the sale, and how they just need to get someone to agree to speak to a higher up salesrep etc.

Anyway, this is an old movie so I wont spend too much time on it, but I loved it and will be buying it big time!



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