Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If adventure has a name, it must be ... Tin Tin!

The Adventures of Tin Tin.

No clunky back story, no history of characters, just plain adventure and excitement. This movie starts out right away with a mystery, no stupid Tin Tin origin. He is a journalist who loves adventure. DONE. This movie gets on with it!

So basically this is an edge of your seat adventure that hardly takes the time to breath. It starts fast and continues at that pace for the entire film! Tin Tin as a character ROCKS! Usually in these films I end up liking one of the side characters or something, but nope, Tin Tin is the man in this film! And his dog is good too! I usually hate animals in movies, but this time around, he was wicked!

I strongly suggest this movie, and I will be buying it large on bluray first day! The 3D was ok too, but again, not needed and a waste of money, but the movie was so good I forgot about how annoyed I was at having to pay for 3D.

The animation is crazy and the story is awesome, this is one animated feature that can beat Pixar for once. It only took Peter Jackson and Stephen Spielberg to do it!



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