Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two Bad.

No, not the He-Man villain.

You know when you see a good movie and then you think “Oh I wish there was a sequel.” Then they make one and it sucks. Well that’s because sometimes movies are one-offs; like 12 Angry Men for example. The case was done, they jury made a decision and all the points the director and writer had to make were said in that one movie. Or like Inherit the Wind, or Guess Who’s Coming to Diner etc.

Usually movies with a character are ok to do sequels on, because the character is what the movie is about. Like Indiana Jones, or Crocodile Dundee etc.

Now I wanted to mention some films where part 2 was just a waste of time and actually hurts the first film! So basically a good movie that was taken 2 far!

In no particular order:

Sister Act 2 - Ok so why is Whoopie back in the “Habit”. Gawd that was just bad. I mean the entire purpose of her hiding out there in part one was valid – she was running from bad guys, but what, she needs to go back now for more? BAD BAD BAD!

Home Alone 2 - One of the worst offenders of the 2 Bad Act. Ok so they forget Kevin at home and thus an adventure begins. Part one was really good, I mean it’s fun and exciting. So after all this the parents lose him again in New York???? Ok that just kills the entire purpose of part one! BAD!

Legally Blonde 2 - So I really liked the first one, it was very well done and really enjoyable. I really liked the character, but doing part 2 was just dumb. She proved she wasn’t a dumb blonde in part one, why does she need to prove it again???

Miss Congeniality 2 - Same as Legally Blonde. Fun movie, Sandy was a tomboy who is forced to break out of her shell and beat the bad guys. So what’s part 2 all about? Didn’t she already go through a transformation? FAIL.

Grease 2 - Bad. I mean what else did you want after the first Grease?

Major League 2 – The Mighty Ducks 2 - So they train to be a better team and everyone is happy. So why are they training again? It’s like now they suck again and have to train???

City Slickers 2 - So a bunch of city boys go out to the woods and act silly. So they go back again? Like didn’t they learn all the lessons they needed to?

Weekend at Bernies 2 - Hahaha – doesn’t that corpse smell bad by now; and what about rigor mortis? What a bloody retarded movie!

Caddyshack 2 – ok don’t bring anyone back from part one and see how that does????

Teen Wolf Too – The Rage: Carrie 2 – ok so a different teenager gets the powers and screws shit up? What are the chances of that happening? I guess they are pretty good when you have desperate writers out there.

Those are just some, speak to your friends and see what more you can come up with. Remember, something like Iron Man 2 doesn’t count. I didn’t like it much, BUT Iron Man is a good series to continue with. Or Sherlock Holmes 2 etc – just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it can’t continue. Like if they did Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2 – that would be bad – I mean he already did everything in part one! Or even War Games 2 – oh wait they did that.


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