Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good Gone.


So the circumstances surrounding the reason I saw this movie are too long to explain here, but it was basically a fluke, so instead of explaining it, I’ll get to business.

So let’s recap: I don’t really know Amanda Seyfried. I know she was in Mean Girls, which was a poor man’s Heathers, and she was in the movie In Time, which I really liked and I liked her in it. But I never saw Riding Hood, which looked kind of goofy. So her star power wasn’t a big factor in seeing this.

So I go in and about 15 minutes into the movie I was thinking, “This is pretty darn good!” The reason was that they didn’t show her get kidnapped, they just started the movie a year or so after she escaped. The film opens with her walking around doing everyday stuff and how she is afraid of everything. Someone in a hoodie walks by her in the street and she is nervous. She takes self defense courses, and carries a gun with her. I liked that they showed this stuff. Normally in movies the girl escapes her kidnapper, and then it’s all good, but that’s not how it is.

So the plot continues and if you saw the trailer you know that her sister is kidnapped, and no one believes her. The reason no one does is that they never found any trace of the kidnapper or any of his other victims. The cops and psychiatrists think Amanda made him up! And they believe that her sister is just out partying or something. Cops never get it in these movies!

In any case, Amanda starts to look for her sister and surprise surprise you can actually FOLLOW her logic and thinking. I know this is a “duh” but in most movies the characters end up in places and I say to myself, “how did they know to go there” etc. But not in this movie. The clues are laid out and you can follow them. Throughout the movie you learn more about her kidnapping and how she escaped, and the movie provides PLENTY of red herrings and it’s always interesting.

All in all, this was a damn good movie I must say! I think Amanda has a good career ahead and she carried the movie on her own and did a fine job!

Simple suspense film with a good mystery and clues you could follow all add up to a nice movie-going experience and I will buying this on bluray!

Good job all.



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