Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daydream Believer.

Davy Jones of the musical band The Monkees, died yesterday.

Growing up I loved the Monkees. I used to watch their show all the time and even remember a lot of funny moments. Like when they were lost in the woods and kept passing by the same rock, they were like “Hey, we are going in circles. We have passed this rock and tree before.” And then one of them says “No, no, you see the set isn’t big enough, so we have to reuse the same rock and tree to make the forest seem bigger.” I was stunned. That was the first time I ever heard someone break the fourth wall.

The show was hilarious and brilliant. A show about a band, but the band was real. So you could see them on TV and then watch them perform. I remember we used to pretend to be the Monkees back in the day. I was Mike, my friend Vic was Peter, my buddy Danny was Mikey, and Johnny was Davy. We used to run around pretending to cause trouble.

But the Monkees weren’t just a hit with us, they were huge! One album even surpassed the Beatles, which was unheard of.

After the show ended the Monkees toured a bit and eventually Mike Nesmith left the band and I never saw them again until the spoof comedy movie version of The Brady Bunch, where Davy, playing himself, sings a song to Marsha. It is probably my favorite scene in the film and the song he sings “Girl” is mixed with some rock music and the blend really worked and for a moment I forgot I was watching a spoof movie! The rest of the Monkees (minus Mike) appear in the end of the movie as judges in the talent show.

All in all, I loved the Monkees. Their music is still in my car and I just recently made a new CD with some of the lesser known songs. I have memorized most of their hits and they are one of my favorite bands to sing to (when I am alone of course!).

Farewell to Davy Jones. He was a good natured guy who played a part in my childhood and still lives on in his music today.


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