Tuesday, March 27, 2012

50 Most Hated Movies of all Time - #49 - Superman Returns

Yeesh.  Look at him.  He looks sorta right as Superman from this pic, but if you look closer?  Too dark.  The costume is too dark.  Like the Man of Steel's costume, there was a lot wrong with the film.  Maybe it was casting Brandon Routh as Superman (he can be a supporting guy, but can't carry a lead -- I'm convinced of that after Dylan Dog) and Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane (she looked all of 15 in the movie).  Maybe it was the plot.  Maybe it was the story.  Maybe it was the colossal lack of action.  Maybe it was making Superman into a creepy stalker and having his love child with Lois Lane kill someone (that was weird).  Maybe it was the enormous gaps in logic.  You know what?  It was everything. 

Do I honestly believe that was the reason people supposedly "hate" this film?  Look, I'm sure the majority of people who "hate" Superman Returns are not Superman fans.  Yeah, they know who he is, they may have seen one of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, but they probably didn't collect the comic or anything.  If they did, then you understand why they would hate this movie.  I think this movie is "hated" by the popular set though, because it's so damned boring.  Nothing happens!  Superman doesn't fight anyone!  He spends most of the last act getting his ass kicked and before that, he does what...saves a plane.  Wow!  I've never seen him saving a flying aircraft before, there wasn't a helicopter to save in the first Superman! Lame.  It's all lame, this movie is lame from beginning to end, with nothing to give fans of the character or even non-fans of the character.  It's one of those rare films that sucks for everyone. 

So, do I believe this movie should be hated?  Depends who you are.  To me, if you're a true Superman fan, you should be outraged by this flaming pile of dog doo.  If you're not, well boring movies with nothing happening are the Hollywood du jour, it's not like they crapped on your childhood or anything (unless we're talking about Michael Bay...he basically crapped on everyone's childhood in one form or another), so take it for what it is. 

Rating:  Should this movie be hated?  - If you're a Superman fan, yes!  If not, then probably no, you'll be too bored to care, anyway!

- Stephenstein

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