Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Eagle soars.

The Eagle.

This movie was actually really good. You know that Tatum guy didn’t take his shirt off. There was NO love interest – in fact, there wasn’t even a FEMALE cast member! This was all business. Which I really liked. Tatum is trying to be an actor now I think, Fighting and this were both good. And in this one he didn’t try to impress the ladies or teenie-bobbers.

The movie itself is in 2 acts, Tatum is a Roman and Bell is a Brit. Well Tatum wants to find the Eagle to restore his families honour, well not at first. At first he wanted to be a good soldier and earn back his honour through his fighting and commanding of troops. He earns their loyalty by making a few good moves during a battle. He is established as a leader from the beginning, so there’s not a lot of back story – which I like. I like getting to the action. So act one is really him deciding to get the Eagle and taking a slave with him played by Jaime Bell. Bell was saved by Tatum earlier and owes him a debt.

Act 2 begins when Tatum and Bell find some other Brits (I think they are Picts???) and the roles of slave and master get reversed. Bell has to pretend to be the master and Tatum has to be a slave. It was an interesting role reversal and I liked how it was handled.

Overall, a really cool movie – I think ill buy it!

PS: I had to TCB LARGE – worse than dungeons and dragons or stigmata – call me for details.



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