Monday, February 28, 2011

Give me your John -


I am finally seeing this movie. You know I panned this large when it came out, but after seeing it I actually thought it was pretty cool.

One good thing is that it’s not a real comic book hero. That means you can do whatever you want and you wont piss me off, or fans of the comic – since there isn’t one (as far as I know?).

I totally see Hancock’s point – it’s like working in a customer service call center – you get yelled at all day when all you are trying to do is help people. After a while you just stop caring – you still help, but you don’t take pride it in. For Hancock he just stumbles around and does more property damage than good. But hey, he still saves people right!

So then we get to Charlize Theron’s character and she has powers etc, and that story is kinda lame. Something about if they stick together they lose their powers and they are linked to be together – what kind of dumb alien race is that? I don’t know, that part of the story was crappy, but overall it was a fun movie!

I wished there was a villain for him to fight or something and drop that lame love story. Plus Hancock kisses the wife of the guy who was helping him? That too, was kinda glossed over.

Still a cool idea though.



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