Monday, January 31, 2011

The seventh and final?

Saw 7.

I have seen every Saw film in the theatre but this one. The 3D just killed it for me, so I was forced to wait for DVD.

I am a fan of Saw and always have been. I actually think its the best horror series to come out in decades. Iconic villain, with great theme music (that doesn’t change every movie) all the same actors return for all sequels, good gore, and good story Saw basically proved that you can make a good horror movie that is has gore and story! This is something I always wanted to do and I respect the film makers for succeeding.

So on to 7. This again was a great movie. I don’t know, this series is crazy. Every instalment is just as good as the last.

If you loved the others, than this is a great entry. They left it open for a sequel BUT if they choose to end it here, it would be a good ending. Not much more to say, you have seen the rest of them, so you will enjoy this one!

I have only 2 small criticisms – one I cant tell you, since it’s a spoiler and the second is that Tobin Bell (guy who plays Jigsaw) isn’t in it much – only one scene really. But that one scene was great.

Now to bash my 2 criticisms – well the first one can be explained by “behind the scenes” stuff - which is something to do with the making of the film and the rights and franchise payouts etc. The second gripe – well Tobin Bell wasn’t really in the first movie either. He was just laying down and in a couple of flashbacks. It was the skinny guy that was doing everything, but he was just part of the game being forced to do it. We like Jigsaw cause of part 2 and 3 where he was the star and he was great. In this one, there isn’t much flashbacks and he’s dead in the series, so there’s not much for him to do!

I will be looking forward to a nice box set of the series.

PS – this 7th in the series has the most gore of all – and the most traps by far! There is a trap like every 5 mins!



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