Monday, January 3, 2011

Going to town in style.

Yankee Doodle Dandy.

James Cagney. What can I say about him, he is amazing. A brilliant actor who can tackle any role. I am a big fan of his and he is in competition for my favourite actor of all time. I think after this movie he may have won.

This is a true life story of George Cohan who wrote, starred in, sang in, and directed several Broadway shows. He won a metal of honour for writing several inspirational war-time songs that motivated the troops and brought hope to all.

Cagney is so wonderful in this role and it’s hard to believe that he mostly played gangster roles. His acting talent is such that he can play ANY role and be amazing. Did I mention he sings and dances in this picture? Well he does and he does so with such talent that you cannot believe this the same guy! In fact, he started his career as a performer and he can tap dance like the best of them!

What a great film in this man’s career of great films. Every time I see Cagney I feel sorrow for those who haven’t discovered him and for those that believe black and white films are boring.

To them I say – try it, you may like it, and if they refuse to try, then it’s their loss, and who needs em.



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