Monday, January 24, 2011

Mission to Soundstage.

Capricorn One.

3 astronauts are about to travel to Mars, but right before launch they are asked to stop out of the ship and are taken to an island. Once there they find a warehouse that is set up like film sound stage, that looks like the surface of Mars. They are there to film a fake Mars landing, and if they don’t, then their families will be killed.

There are reasons for this and they make sense. The dialogue is very realistic and this whole movie was really well made.

You can tell intelligent people wrote it and the story is something that could very well happen! In fact, some claim the moon landing was faked too. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 sure as hell looks real and that was shot BEFORE the real moon landing – so the government could easily fake something like that.

I don’t want say to much about this, but I loved it. It’s one to own for scifi fans, or just fans of good films!



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