Friday, January 14, 2011

There is life after death.

Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Milla is back as Alice with her T-Virus powers to kick zombie ass. I have seen all the RE movies in the theatre and have actually thought they got better. I liked RE, I really really liked Apocalypse, and I loved Extinction (even buying the poster for Extinction – which I love). I own all the soundtracks and even entered a design your own poster contest for part 2 (I lost, but the winners poster is actually available to purchase). So I was really pumped for part 4, called Afterlife (which I also bought the poster for!).

Too bad it was in 3D which is an auto-turn-off for me, so I skipped it. Too bad I did, cause this was even better than the last one! This was a kick-ass movie that never let up. It kept me guessing throughout and I think its one of Paul Andersons best films! (not saying much I know – but Mortal Kombat rocks!)

At the end of 3, Alice had been cloned 100 times and the others were off to Arcadia. Well those clones get destroyed in the first act taking down Umbrella Corps Tokyo Division. That may seem a bit of a let down, but at least we got an action scene with them, which is more than I thought would happen. Then Alice loses her powers (thus losing half a star in the rating for me – hello, losing powers is ass!). But then she teams up with Claire (from part 3 and the games) and finds her brother (also from games) and we learn why Claire didn’t go to Arcadia – I don’t wanna give out the plot too much, cause I thought it was pretty exciting. Simple, yes, but exciting! Plus we get to see Jill Valentine again (in the end credits only) and I thought she was the best in part 2!

Oh, and all the action is CLEAR and a lot of slo-mo parts which I love. The 3D would have been cool too – I can tell, as it was shot for 3D and not added after like Piranha.

So all in all I was really upset I missed this in theatres, but Ill make up for it on DVD!



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