Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not the regular guys

So I caught this flick. I thought the previews looked funny, and I usually catch 1 or more comedies a year, so I've hit my quota, I think. I've never been a Wahlberg fan, and Will Ferrell is really hit or miss with me (mostly miss), but the cast intrigued me, so I figured why not?

Well there are a few laughs in this film, and not just stuff in the trailers. I really liked the gag sequence when the two guys are repeatedly bribed by Steve Coogan, and don't know it, and also liked Will Ferrel hiding in the bushes across from his in-laws house and trading dirty things he'd liked to do with Eva Mendes, and vice-versa, through her elderly mother, or grandmother, or whoever the lady with the walker was. Another funny bit is when Michael Keaton forgets where he is, and tells his staff at Bed, Bath and Beyond to be on the lookout for a rapist.

That being said, there's also quite a bit not to like about this movie. First of all, everyone other than Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes is a schmuck. Wahlberg is a hyper-ass. He hates Ferrell for no good reason, he tries to score with Mendes in front of Ferrell (even though he supposedly loves another woman), and he's just an overall ass, he wasn't really funny, and he wasn't really fun to follow around. Then there's The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson. They're only in 3 scenes, but they talk about how the Rock is sleeping with one of the other detective's wives, obviously because he's so cool. Blech. What garbage. There's also another pair of cops, who are just complete assholes, and rivals to Ferrell and Wahlberg. They taunt them mercilessly about how they're going to take over the Rock and Jackson's roles as alpha male cops after they die. Once again, they're pissed off and taunting Ferrell and Wahlberg for no known reason. It's just stupidity.

Then there's Ferrell's backstory. Apparently, he's uptight because he was a pimp in college (named Gator), and because of this, he now goes the opposite way to not go into this Gator persona. However, he does lapse into this persona once in a while, and spouts stereotypical black pimp language. It's not funny, and it's not necessary. It's just idiotic.

Now let's talk about the storyline. I can't describe the storyline. I know that Steve Coogan is the guy they're after, but I don't really know why. I don't know why Ray Stevenson has to keep him with him at all times, and at the end of the film, I don't know why he's selling Coogan to the highest bidder. It makes no sense, but it has something to do with Coogan making bad investments? So why would you sell him? Unless you're passing him off as someone who knows what he's doing? But then, why do it? It makes no sense. Likewise, Anne Heche is in it, and they keep showing her, and alluding that she has something to do with it, as well. This is never made clear, however. It's just a jumbled up mess, it looks like they tried to over-complicate a script for a fairly assinine comedy. Tried to raise it's level, and made it one more strike against the movie.

So, there's The Other Guys. I didn't pay money for it, I'm happy to report. Check it out for free if you can, because it's not worth paying for.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

- Stephenstein

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