Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Staying alive.

Saturday Night Fever.

Whatever you think about this movie I am here to say that this was a well done slice of life picture that really has something to say without hammering it down on you.

The main character, played by Travolta is very interesting. He’s not the nicest guy, his family is typical, and his neighbourhood is rough. He’s part of a gang – which you pretty much had to be to survive, he is always being compared to his brother, who is a priest – tough to live up to those expectations, his only real skill is dancing, and he’s pretty darn good.

I really don’t want to give away the plot of this movie, cause I thought it would be something totally different than what it was. Nothing cheesy about this movie, and its very rough – language, drug use, sexual situations, really heavy drama.

I loved it. One of the best “teen” movies ever made if not the best. Powerful storytelling, and a really involving plot. You will find something to love in this picture.



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