Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Machete plus.


Our first intro to Danny Trejo was in “Desperado” (at least when I first saw him), and I only remember him as “pissed off guy with knives” – and that sort of what he is in this movie!

His other memorable role was “Uncle Machete” in the Spy Kids series – so I guess this film, simply titled “Machete” is a prequel to Spy Kids?

As we all know this was one of the fake trailers that was screened before Planet Terror during the Grindhouse film (now separated into two distinct films, instead of one long one) but it was so popular that Rodriguez felt he should expand it into a real movie. He had a script for it from a while ago and always planned on doing something more with the character.

So here we have it. The movie was great! Great characters, great action and Trejo is just so cool as this character. The music as usual for Rodriguez, is amazing and I like the overall feel of the picture.

My only gripe is that its wasn’t done in the “grindhouse” style of crappy editing and old looking footage that has been scratched etc. Also, although I loved all the actors, I felt they sort of took away a bit from Trejo himself. I mean Steven Seagal, Rob DiNiro, Jess Alba, Michelle Rodriguez (who was wicked), Lindsey Lohan, Cheech Marin, Jeff Fahey, and Don Johnson! My god that’s a big cast! Danny is the lead, but Alba has a lot do also, and sometimes – especially during the center half, I was missing Trejo.

I kinda wanted the film to be more just about him being a badass, not just another character who the film happened to be named for. Think Inglourious Basterds – that movie wasn’t so much about them, even though the movie was named after them.

This film is about Machete – but he shares too much screen time with others – even though the others were really interesting characters on their own. But I just wanted more of him. I also wish the gore was shown a bit better – they cut away from the guts too much (except for that intestine part – that was jokes).

I guess you cant have everything. Overall I still really really enjoyed the film and I will be buying it big time!

Machete Kills is next (then Machete Kills Again) – hopefully those will actually get made!



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