Monday, May 3, 2010

You want sympathy?

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

Third film in the Vengeance Trilogy (following Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Oldboy – reviewed above).

The Lady in question is imprisoned for 13 years for killing a small boy. She is innocent and was forced to confess by the villain Mr. Baek. He killed the boy and took his marble as a souvenir of the crime. Lady confesses after her infant daughter is kidnapped by Baek. She confesses, and her daughter (Jenny) is set free.

After some good behaviour and a Priest’s forgiveness, she is let out and begins thinking of her revenge. Actually she has been planning her revenge since day one. She has other convicts on her side, that she did favours for in prison. When she gets out, she cashes in those favours for a variety of things, weapons, money, a place to stay etc.

She is now ready to get the bad guy. And she gets him, but learns something disturbing. I wont reveal it here, but at that point the movie takes a turn for the better. You see I had watched Oldboy first (review above – if you read the blog the proper way) and after seeing the first half of this I found it to be less interesting because Oldboy had a mystery to solve, and this was clearly laid out for you – well not super clear, but I am good a figuring things out with little info. The movie is 2 hours and the first hour and 20mins was really good, but nothing to really die over – but the last 40 mins is GOLD!

The emotional punch of the last 40 mins is so great that it makes it all worth it. The movie was good throughout, but great in the end – which is almost the point of it. Anyway, I wont reveal what happens but don’t worry, its pretty damn good man!!! I would highly suggest buying this movie and the others in the series.



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