Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Green Heroes.

Kelly’s Heroes.

It’s World War 2 and Clint Eastwood learns of 16 million dollars worth of gold is hidden in a small bank in a town behind German lines. He recruits a bunch of guys to help him get it.

By doing so, he liberates the town, inspires the general, and leads a squad to victory in a major battle.

They are heroes, but they were motivated by greed. This movie is kind of a comedy, and it’s funny – Donald Sutherland steals the show as “Oddball” a sort of hippie soldier? If that makes any sense? But it’s not just a comedy, I like the idea that we don’t know what heroes are really thinking? They are heroes in their deeds, but not in their motivations. I thought this was a fun and interesting movie.

I will say that it’s a bit slow at parts and the beginning takes a while to set up the story, but once you get past that, it’s all pretty good!

Check it out.



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