Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Up the irons.

Iron Man 2.

The first 2/3 of the first Iron Man shows Tony Stark building the various Iron Man units.
I know that the MARK 1 suit is technically Iron Man and the MARK 2 is close but the “real” Iron Man to me is the red and gold (or red and silver as I was used to him from West Coast Avengers). But when the real iron man appeared, it was pretty darn cool. He fought Iron Monger in a pretty darn good battle. The first movie was good but I wanted more of iron man in it. But it was part one and the new concept of part one is that you don’t get much of the hero (see batman begins).

Iron man 2 then, theoretically should have more of him in it (see dark knight). But I think we got equal to or LESS or iron man in this one that in the first one.

Look the story here is simple, and simple stories don’t interest me. Especially when they use fake science to explain the creation of a new element that will be used to power the suit. WAIT A SECOND, Tony Stark made a NEW element!!! Will it save the world’s power problems? Will we no longer need oil? Will he try to increase its power? Probably not. It was just an excuse to show more building. Why not just have a montage? OR why not just not use that story line? Who cares about the power source. Just say that his gizmo doesn’t run low at all. No one cares about the logistics’ of it, since its fake anyway. This is a prime example of how current movies feel the need to explain everything to audiences. I just wanna see iron man fight and fly and shoot. Like the poster – I want him and War Machine to destroy bad guys.

That being said I liked the movie, but not really liked it. I wanted more. War Machine is wicked and can stand alone I think in a movie. Don Cheadle was great!

Scarlett Johansson is attractive (ok so she’s really attractive – sorry Megan Fox – you are out large – not that you were that in mind you – just my opinion) but wasted in this role as Black Widow (who they don’t name). Why not just make her a Shield agent, and where is her Russian accent (I guess Russian girls aren’t hot enough – aren’t they the most mail ordered brides though?).

Nick Fury is just too comical for me. But I don’t know the character enough to comment. Justin Hammer was great – a funny dweeb trying to be tough. Whiplash (not named) was cool, but doesn’t really fight Iron man – and come to think of it, there were only 3 actions scenes.

The race car part – ok at best. A small scuffle in Tony’s mansion – not a bad little fight, but nothing to get excited about and the end battle. Which consists of fast flying robots shooting each other, but I cant tell who is shooting who?

The battle after that is way too fast for a 2 hour movie where 1 hour and 40 mins is comedic and/or senseless plot.

I still liked this movie – it was enjoyable and the comedy was good, and the characters are still good too, but I mean where is the action? There should’ve been way more action and a bit more inventive action. Iron man should always be shooting something or the other. Spiderman swings and climbs, Hulk smashes, and Iron Man shoots energy and flies around – but we didn’t get much of that!

I think stars are to blame. We constantly need to be reminded that Robert Downey Jr is in the outfit, so his helmet must be opened every 2 mins. Just show iron man. At least Thor doesn’t wear a mask, so I wont get that problem. Wait till the end credits for more on Thor.

Anyway I will buy this movie for sure, and all the iron man stuff (in his suit) and war machine stuff was REALLY WICKED! I mean it’s the REAL iron man, and war machine. They are not reimagined or anything, and the drones that Whiplash creates are really cool too. More toys to come! (on a side note the toys are WICKED too).



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