Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good for a friday night.

His Girl Friday

Cary Grant is so wicked and so funny, yet again he proves it with this fun little film. He plays a newspaper owner, and he is so sneaky and shady, as any good newspaper man should be (according to him). Anyway, his former wife is getting re-married and he wants her back – so he tries to get her to come back to the paper – she was his star reporter before they were married. In order to get her back he will do anything!

He may sound like a bad guy and he kinda is, but not really. He is so funny and the dialogue moves so fast in this picture that its hard to figure out his intentions. Maybe he truly believes she is better off with him at the newspaper, than with the man she is marrying (he’s kind of boring).

Anyway, there is at least 50 jokes a min in this film, and you will find yourself laughing and the rewinding for fear of missing something. One of the funnier jokes was when Grant was explaining how he was a bad husband to his former wife’s new fiancé. He starts to cry fake tears and wipes them with his hankey, well the fiancé didn’t see him wipe, so Grant stops crying, taps the man on his shoulder so he looks, then starts the fake tears again! HAHAHAHAHA.

It was so fake, I was crying of laughter, but the fiancé is so gullible he falls for it!



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