Monday, May 10, 2010

My God it's KANE!!!!!

Solomon Kane.

Conan, Red Sonya (not the “j” version), Bran Mak Morn, Kull, and Solomon Kane are all the creation of Robert E Howard. I have to say that I love them all! I own stories and comics for all of them – except BMM, and they are all great characters. Till date, all of them had movies except for Kane and Morn – until now.

Solomon Kane is an A-Grade film, that was given the B-Grade treatment. It’s not playing anywhere – except festivals – and it’s not being advertised, unless you are an REH guy – which I am.

Anyway for the film itself I have to say that is bloody amazing!!!!!!!! It’s definitely the second best REH film – the first is Conan the Barbarian – DUH!!!!!!!!! I also must admit here that even though I own a lot of Kane stories, I have never read them (hey I have like 500 movies to watch and tons of comics to read – I cant do it all!). So I don’t really know how accurate the film is. But Conan wasn’t really accurate to what REH wanted either, but it was more of the tone that was accurate in Conan. I suspect it’s the same here. Kane looks EXACTLY how he does in the books and he behaves pretty accurately too.

The action is awesome and you can see it. The cinematography is super amazing and Kane fights, demons, ghosts, monsters, sorcerers, witches, evil children, slave armies and a giant hellbeast of satan who is made up of bones and armor!

You really have to see this to believe how much is in it. You wont believe what you saw!
You will finish the movie and think you imagined how cool it was. Like it cannot be as awesome as what you just saw, but then you watch it again and you were right!

I will buy this LARGE when it comes on dvd – and BLURAY TOO!



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