Monday, October 24, 2011

Turkey doesnt care about copyrights!

3 Dev Adam.

So the poster you are looking at is not a marvel comic or book, it’s a movie. Why haven’t you heard of it? Well because you suck. Don’t you know that Turkey makes their own superhero movies?

They don’t even have to create their own characters, they can simply steal Marvels! So Captain America teams up with Santo (even Mexico isn’t safe from being ripped off) to fight The Spider (who isn’t exactly Spiderman, but close enough – google the movie for some really cool pics of his costume).

The Spider in this case is an evil sadistic madman who kills one woman buy burying her and then using a boat motor to mangle her face! Wow!

I have to say that I loved this movie! There is a lot of fighting and everyone is taking the movie very seriously. This isn’t a parody; this is a serious movie, well in Turkey at least. Here it would fall under the category of “so bad its good” if I believed in that genre. I had a lot of fun watching this mess and I loved it!

PS the story is impossible to follow. 95% of the time I was confused as to what was going on, or why I should care, but that just added to the coolness.

4/5 for fun factor, 1/5 for those of you who actually want to understand what you are watching.


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