Monday, October 3, 2011

Half right.

Vampire’s Suck.

Oh they suck, and not only do they suck, but this movie about them sucks. I got this for free on bluray and I think I was ripped off.

Now, maybe it’s not that bad, I did get like 3 laughs and 2 chuckles, but honestly Twilight is really silly enough on it’s own and it doesn’t require a spoof. These spoof movies, Teen movie, Spartans, Scary Movie, etc, are getting a bit tiresome and it’s like, make a funny movie that spoofs life, or something generic that doesn’t require you have to have seen the thing it’s spoofed on.

Something like Airplane comes to mind. Or just make a new comedy that isn’t Hangover. Whatever, maybe if I saw more than just Twilight part one, I would find it funnier, but as it stands, it’s just pretty flat.

I know some may be thinking, duh, what else did you expect out of this movie, and I agree with that.

So there.



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