Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Knight.

Knight and Day.

This movie was just killed at the box office and critics hated it. That should’ve been my first clue to go see it! But I didn’t, and I missed out on a fun-filled action comedy that works both as a comedy and action!

The action was really cool and inventive, think 80s style! And the comedy was good too! Diaz and Cruise were both really good in this and actually Tom Cruise was just jokes! His calm attitude towards the violence in the film is so funny.

There was also this great part where Diaz is unconscious for a about 5 mins of screen time where you see everything from her point of view as she drifts from being conscious to unconscious and you see Tom Cruise tied up and hanging, and he’s like “Don’t worry Ill get us out of here” then she passes out again and wakes up and they are in a helicopter and jump out, then she wakes up on the beach with Tom making lunch! It was like she was on this adventure while being unconscious; I thought that was really funny.

So I don’t know why this was hated? Maybe because Cruise at the time was not liked for some reason – see I don’t much care about the life of a star outside of their movies. I like Tom Cruise and he made some great films, this isn’t one of them, but this is one of the more fun films he has done in a while. I don’t get why people get so wrapped up in the private life of these people to the point of missing out on fun movies that they probably would have really enjoyed. I mean it’s not like Cruise was a Nazi or something – then maybe I would care, but I mean just watch the movie for what it is – I am told to do that all the time, and when I do, people still don’t get me.

In any case, this is a fun movie and I am glad I got it! (especially since it was $1.00 on brand new bluray from Blockbuster!)



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