Monday, September 19, 2011

Worth a nickel.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

The movie is as long as the title but like the title it’s very interesting. If you look at the wording and how the names as positioned in the poster and font size – you’ll notice it’s not done by accident.

Also look at the placement of James and Ford (James is Brad Pitt, and Ford is Casey Affleck) in the poster – again very important.

After you watch this movie, you should examine this poster and see what more you can learn. I am very upset that this poster is NOT the bluray cover – but what can you do.

I borrowed this from the library and watched it Friday night. Saturday morning I had the soundtrack and bluray edition of the film. It’s 10 bucks at HMV and for 10 bucks it is the BEST deal in the store.

This film is amazing. I would say it’s the 2001 of Westerns. That of course means, that most will find it too long and boring (2hrs and 40mins) or wont “get it”, but for those who appreciate great films, then this is for you big time!

The music, cinematography, and acting are all amazing. The story is familiar; Jesse James is shot in the back by Robert Ford. That is known, but how much you know about the circumstances of the shooting (I knew nothing, Stephenstein knew the whole scenario) wont matter to the film. Actually, the more you know, the weirder the film is.

Take note that this movie isn’t a typical western. It is very realistic and very psychologically based. There is one gun fight, don’t reach for the popcorn, or you may miss it, it is just a character study of the two men.

The acting – TOP NOTCH. Pitt is unbelievable and shows that he is one hell of a good actor. I am sold on Pitt’s ability after this one. Casey Affleck was nominated for best supporting actor – he should’ve won for sure! His performance is excellent in this film.

Basically I loved this movie and I seriously recommend watching it. I would probably say see it twice – upon your second viewing you’ll start to see what the mind frame of Jesse James was and how the word “Coward” in the title may not refer to Ford.

This is a must own epic.



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