Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Rock rolls fast.


This should’ve been Dwayne Johnsons (the Rock) first movie. It was much better than The Scorpion King and The Rundown. And it also marked the return of the Rock to action films.

If you recall he did a bunch of roody-poo movies after his initial action film run (loved Walking Tall!), but hey, he is still the Rock.

This film is a fast moving adrenaline surge that never dies down. The story is simple, The Rock’s brother was killed, he wants revenge. BUT the characters make this a lot better than just a mindless action movie.

Billy Bob Thorton and Carla Gugino are the cops after The Rock, Moon Bloodgood is Billy’s wife, and you have this Assassin character that is a perfectionist.

I don’t know what else to say, except that it was damn good! Their was actually a bit more story and depth than I thought there’d be, and I for one really liked it.

The Rock was great in it (then again, he is so charismatic that he almost made me go see that stupid tooth-fairy movie), but I mean I really thought his intensity was great! Another good point was that it wasn’t just about him. I mean the assassin guy gets a lot of screen time, and they develop his character and Billy Bob’s too.

Everyone is flawed in this movie, but some redeem themselves, and others don’t.

Really good movie, and not just for a B-action picture (which would’ve still been wicked too) but it’s a solid action film with good a plot.

Buy it! (it’s $9.00 bucks on bluray at walmart!)



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