Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better than elite.

Killer Elite.

Jason Statham and Robert DeNiro are assassins hired by some Bin Laden type of guy to assassinate former SAS operatives (British guys) who killed 3 of his sons. His 4th son cannot claim his inheritance without retribution, so those SAS guys have to die.

Problem – They must confess their crimes on tape, and their deaths must appear to be accidental! That’s tough for any assassin, especially one who is trying to get out of the business.

Clive Owen is a former SAS operative who is part of a secret organization called The Feather Men – they have a light touch on everything that goes on, and they want to protect their men.

And thus is this epic suspense thriller that has the two men at odds with each other and for once, everyone is smart.

You ever watch a movie and say “why is that guy doing that, that is so dumb”, well that doesn’t happen here. This is a very well thought-out action film. Another good point is that the film makers are not trying to paint anyone as the hero. Both sides are good and bad, this is a realistic approach to the subject matter. I mean it was a war and England did its share of shady stuff, but then again, some innocent people are being killed in the name of revenge – or justice, depending on how you look at it.

In any case the movie allows you to choose your side freely, my side, Clive Owen – he rocks in this movie, but then again Statham was pretty cool too, so there you have it.

This is a must watch.



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