Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Play the Game.


Gamer is set in the future where games like Sim City and Call of Duty are played with real live human beings.

Sim City is called “Society” where you a player, can control a real person and have them do whatever you want. Which is mostly perverted stuff, like have sex with anyone etc. “Slayers” is basically a first person shooter, like Call of Duty or Doom, or Counter Strike etc. where you control a death row inmate and everyone is real.

Didn’t know there were that many death row inmates – cause a whole lot of them get killed in these games. Why sign up? Well you are gonna die anyway and if you survive 30 games, you are set free.

Gerard Butler is in for murder one, he didn’t do it, well he did, but long story – he was being controlled by someone – anyway, he has won 27 games and is almost free. The villains cannot allow him to be free, so they send in Ludacris who isn’t being controlled by anyone.

Players of these games know that Ping (the time it takes for you to click your mouse and the reaction time of your character in the game) is very important. If Butlers controller (a 17 year old gamer kid) isn’t fast enough, he could die. But Ludacris has no controller, so he is able to use his own reflexes in real time – giving him a big advantage in the game.

All this concludes in the first act, and then the movie takes a different turn as Butler and company try to stop the villain who created these games.

This movie is very odd, kind of surreal in moments and I don’t think many of today’s audiences will like it. Its kind of psychedelic, for lack of a better term. But it was ok.

It’s very violent and kind of glosses over the whole technology of how they control others – the explain it, but its stinks of movie science (see Tony Starks Chest piece in Iron Man for more examples).

But it was a fun movie with some good action and I like the look of it. What more do you want out of a movie called Gamer?



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