Sunday, August 21, 2011

Does one vote matter?

Swing Vote.

Well it does in this comedy/drama starring Kevin Costner. The movie is about Costner and how he is a drunk and bum – the only thing good in his life is his daughter who is super serious about doing good for her country. She wants to vote, but is too young and after her father doesn’t show up on voting day, she forges his signature and goes to vote. This is a long story, but the voting machine ends up malfunctioning so the vote didn’t get recorded.

Turns out that it’s a tie between current President, Kelsey Grammer and his rival, Dennis Hopper. They both share different views and represent different parties. Well the government learns that one vote wasn’t counted and that was Costners (they are unaware of course that his daughter was the one trying to vote).
So now, both candidates need to convince Costner to vote for them.

This is a pretty solid movie and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. All the players were great and Costner really brought home that “average joe” feel to the role.

Of course it’s filled with American sensibilities and it doesn’t really answer the tough questions on who really deserves to be President, but it raises some interesting points in it’s own way.

I would definitely check this out if you are in the mood for a nice little dramedy to make the day go by.



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