Wednesday, August 31, 2011

La Femme Colombiana.


I like that they never refer to Zoe Saldana’s character as Colombiana. It’s something simple I know, but I like that it’s just a cool title for the film.

This is basically La Femme Nikita but Columbian version. It starts off with her parents getting killed before her eyes. She was a child at the time, around 10 I guess. You would think the movie would then flash-forward to her being Zoe, but no, you get about 15 mins or more of her being a kid – you even get an action sequence!

The first action scene is a parkour scene (district B13 styles) and its pretty darn cool. From that point on the movie is good too. My only negative is that it leaves Columbia for America, which is a downer, cause the scenery in Columbia was fantastic and worthy of a bluray purchase.

Anyway, Zoe becomes a killer – she only kills “bad” people, which is customary for these films – we don’t want the audience to cheer for an evil Zoe.

How can 90lbs Zoe be a killer? Well she uses stealth. She never faces anyone head on, until the final fight of course, but it works. Her skinny frame actually serves as her main weapon. She can crawl through air vents and sneak up on people and she pulls it off nicely!

All in all, this was a fun action flick to enjoy on a shitty day. Believe me, my current days have been pretty shitty and it was nice to escape for 90 minutes and some fun.

That’s what movies used to be about.



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