Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Rushin' love, Russian love.


This is a love story which doesn’t seem like one when you are watching it. Actually at the exact moment I figured out it was a love story was the same time the characters in the film did!

“Garbo laughs” was the tagline for this film, because Greta Garbo was a silent film star, she finally spoke in another film and laughed in this one. Well you will laugh too and you will be drawn into this great masterpiece of a love story.

This has to be the best love story I have ever seen. The reason is that it’s not obvious. Garbo is a communist who comes to Paris to help settle a dispute over some Russian jewels. She meets a man who is representing the lady to whom the jewels used to belong to, but then they meet each other. Scratch that, they met each other BEFORE they knew who each other was. So the love story part started before that! But Garbo wasn’t looking for love, in fact, she is a really strong believer in Communism and makes good points about it! She only cares about equality for all, and she is there to do a job! But when she meets the other lawyer she starts to fall for him because he keeps pursuing her.

You have to see it to understand the delicate balance this movie makes. It never gets cheesy and it’s never forced. The couples love grows in a natural way and not a forced Hollywood style way, where the audience can see it happing before the credits begin!

Check this movie out, you will not be disappointed!



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