Monday, August 9, 2010

I made you read this.

Dinner for Schmucks.

Fun movie, if a bit contradicting. They want us to laugh at the schmucks in the movie, but present a message that we shouldn’t laugh at them – huh?

Anyway, I thought the schmucks here were great. Steve Carell was good and he was very likable, but the stars of this movie were the characters Kieren and Therman. Kieren is an artist who does super huge pictures of himself naked in various costumes – like a minotaur, or holding a newborn Zebra which he explains he pulled out of the womb with his own hands, then suggests to Paul Rudd (the supposed star of the film) they he must try it.

He also lived with goats for 6 months and is surprised that Steve Carell hasn’t tried it! Anyway, this guy is so damn funny it was hard to stop laughing. If you know about video art, and how retarded some of these guys are, you will defiantly get this! I want Kieren’s video art piece he did – which is just random shots of him screaming into the camera!

Therman is the guy from Hangover / Tru Calling – he is a mind reader whose books include: Your mind is my puppet, and I made you read this. He is just hilarious too in his small role.

All in all this was a fun little movie – it’s not gonna be top 10 or anything, but I liked it!



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