Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Citizen Kane - but for the movies.

The Bad and the Beautiful.

Kirk Douglas (slowly becoming one of my faves) plays a up and coming producer who is forced to make B pictures (which I love anyway) and slowly becomes a big time movie maker. He has burned a lot of people on the way though, and 3 of those tell their side of the story in a Citizen Kane set up. We meet the 3, they each give us their account of Douglas and what he has done to them.

Really fascinating movie with a great little moral at the end that isn’t forced, but comes about naturally.

One other little note – you know when 2 people are talking on the phone and 3rd person picks up to listen in, and neither of the 2 ever know that someone was listening in. Well that’s fake cause as soon as someone picks up the phone there is a super echo effect – that echo is still around today and this was the only movie I ever saw that actually confirmed that. Kirk is taking to a big shot and Lana Turner picks up the other phone and Kirk knows she is listening! Cool!



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