Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3rd time lucky?

Universal Soldier: Regeneration.

JCVD and Dolph Lundgren are back as the UNISOLS. Now this movie was NOT what I was expecting and even though it’s different, it was really good!

The story took place as a story that involves unisols. It wasn’t about JCVD or anyone specific. It was just an action movie that had no stars.

Like normally JCVD would be all over this movie, but he doesn’t show up till 35 mins into it and the movie is only 90!

Dolph doesn’t appear till the 50 min mark! There are other unisols doing stuff along with a cool story about hostage taking and Chernobyl possibly exploding! The action is incredible with 2 long takes (think Hard Boiled) and you can see all the hits and action without any trouble – remember when you saw action?

So all in all I really enjoyed this movie. It’s not so much a JCVD vehicle as it is an actual movie. I kinda liked that approach to this!



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