Monday, August 16, 2010

Action from the masters!

The Expendables.

This movie stars – well it stars the guys in the picture above. The story is nothing – go kill this guy in Vilena.

Thus begins an epic in action films. The action itself becomes a character. The characters are just playing themselves that we’ve seen in other movies. Some have said that getting all these guys together and having no story is pointless. This is not true. Getting them together is the point of the movie.

Everyone plays themselves but this time they all team up! You don’t introduce characters cause we know them already! That’s the beauty of this film. It’s almost like a sequel. We know everyone and what they can do, now we just have to see them in action.

And I must say all the action was just incredible! You could see it for the most part – although it was fast paced, but still, you could see the important stuff, like men being blown in half by rocket launchers and pump action automatic shotguns clearing hallways of guys in a matter of seconds.

Stallone is smart here, he knows we wanna see a lot of these guys get blown away and he knows he wont be able to cast enough stuntmen to pull off this massacre of men, so he decides to have all their faces painted with black makeup with a yellow streak (hey they are baseball furies! From The Warriors!), so that he can reuse as many of them as he needs to get the job done!

The big draw for me here was seeing Willis, Schwarzenegger, and Stallone in one room talking. The next big draw was seeing Dolph Lungren on the big screen (he does have the power). He gets the first kill of the movie and its violently violent in its violence! And at one point he enters a room and he literally takes up the entire DOOR! He is a monster of a man!

Stallone also does something else I like – he gives the big fights to other guys, not just himself. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Randy Couture have a good fight as well as Lungren and Jet Li – which resembles David vs Goliath, if Goliath was a bit bigger!

All in all this is a fun action packed movie that was made for guys who like action. Everyone in the movie has a good moment and it was fun. What else do you want from this movie?



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