Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Like alienS.


I walked into this movie thinking that the Predators aren’t what they used to be! They have lowered their standards large! They now attack small skinny guys like Adrien Brody. What happened to Arnie, Carl Weathers, Jessie Ventura, the big black guy and that native guy? All big beefcakes. Now they fight girls and skinny guys.

The Predators are also lazy too, instead of packing their bags and coming to Earth, they kidnap us and take us to their game world!

Those were my initial impressions and I had my 3/5 review ready in hand. But I was WRONG!!!!!

This movie is just so fantastic! I mean the acting, the story, set up, music (the actual Predator theme – jazzed up a bit), fights (I can see the fights!!!) and just overall awesomeness. This movie continues from part 1 and 2 (or takes place right before part 2), and even mentions some of the AVP stuff – hunting in 3s and so forth.

But this is a much better crafted film then the AVP’s and the typical action movies that are around now. Characters are allowed to come alive here before they are killed. We actually get to know them without being told everything. Also, the Predators have some interesting things going with them too. One Predator is tied up and appears to be a prisoner? We are not really told what is going on, but left to figure it out with the rest of the humans (unlike Airbender – where we are told everything). Plus each character has a special and unique trait or weapon. And even though there are like 8-9 guys, we know them all and can remember each of them. I know they are not strongmen like Arnie, and that didn’t bother me because they could really kick ass and were tough! Even Brody worked out for this one!

There is a Japanese guy who is Yakuza, who doesn’t talk (well hardly) but he is in a suit and has a handgun – doesn’t look impressive, but his attitude tells us he’s tough. When they land in the mud, he takes off his shoes and observes his surroundings. It’s as if he is ready to take on this challenge, whatever it is. At one point he gets a samurai katana and if you watch the show Deadliest Warrior, you know those swords are BAD ASS! So then he ends up squaring off against a Predator in a samurai battle! Complete with facing off, and posing and they fight in long blades of grass and weeds too! They also take their time with this fight, exchanging hits etc. The audience even cheered and clapped at that part and so did I! How can the audience cheer for a character that never really speaks? A character that wasn’t explained to them? Well it’s because the film makers know how to make a character great with just actions and movements. They get you pumped up for this guy because of the technique of film making!

The whole movie is like this. There is a payoff every time. They set up little things that pay off later – remember when most movies were like that! When my buddies walked out of the theatre we each expressed our love the Predator movies in general and were finally excited about something! After the AVP films we all said “Yeah that was cool.” And then moved on. Ok, so I bought some of the AVP toys – I’m a sucker for it. But now with this third Predator film in the series, the Predator franchise has really become something great that I hope continues in this fashion. Great job to all, oh and listen to the end credits music – if you know your Predator films you should enjoy it!



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