Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fantasia 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is based on the Disney short of the same name appearing in the film Fantasia. It’s the part where Mickey wears that wizard’s hat (seen in the end credits of this film) and makes all the brooms come to life. The brooms get all crazy and he cant control them anymore. This famous animated sequence is brought to life in this film complete with the original music. Really cool, but does anyone care? Does anyone even remember Fantasia – well we do, but I mean kids? Do kids care? Who knows. But this movie gives me the same reaction.

It was cool and neat and fun, but will anyone care?

I have always liked Nic Cage and think he is a good actor, and Alfred Molina is wicked too and you get some other cool stuff as well. Their interplay is neat, and Molina (Horvath) also has an apprentice – which was cool, and the really cool stuff involves magic and how it’s used.

Anything can be magical and each sorcerer needs a ring, or wand, or something to make the magic happen, but the chosen one will be able to create magic without a ring.

Anyway, Merlin always fought Morgan Le Fay and he had 3 apprentices, Molina, Cage and Monica Bellucci – Monica and Cage fell in love, Molina got pissed and joined Morgana. They killed Merlin but his powers will live on through others – namely the Prime Merlinion – who will be the chosen one I mentioned earlier. So Cage searches thousands of years for him and finds him.

Pretty basic, but a lot of fun. One cool thing is that Cage has trapped several of Morgana’s minions in one of those Chinese wooden dolls that gets smaller as you open it. Not sure of the name, but it splits in half, then there’s a smaller one inside, that splits again and again. Well each level has a different villain trapped in it, so we get more guys! All cool. Ill probably buy it.

NOTE: The love story is really cheesey in this picture. But it was made for kids, but at least it’s not stupid.



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