Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good movie – or am I dreaming?


Well I am not dreaming. This is a good movie. Done. Look, we got great acting, a really cool premise and this – you ready – this is not a remake, not a book, not a comic, not a TV show, it is Nolan’s own movie. Is everyone still with me?

Ok, is it a masterpiece – no. It is not 2001 or Blade Runner – what it is, is a heist movie with a cool concept. I mean they are not advertising this film as a masterpiece or anything other than a thriller.

Granted, I was never surprised during the film and within 10 mins I knew exactly precisely what the final shot of the film would be and I was right on the money. So what. It was enjoyable while I was watching it, and I liked it even afterward.

The only trouble I had was the same as a Stephenstein which was that the arctic scene was a bit off because everyone was dressed up in Hoth gear. Whatever, I could still tell what was happening.

All the characters were just great and I really liked the idea of Leo’s wife and what she was doing in the film (don’t wanna spoil it). Actually I really liked her A LOT, and I liked the idea of the totems, and how it was all put together.

Look, this is an action movie with some brains in it too. It not just a bunch of crap slapped together. It had some thought in there – and no, it’s nothing brilliant that any other university student didn’t know, or anyone that took first year psych, (which I did take) but heck, not a lot of people took psychology and wouldn’t know what to expect from this.

Also, on a personal note, anyone under the age of 20 will probably think this is the greatest movie ever made. Well that’s cause they don’t know what’s out there, but this is a good intro to students of film who wanna continue and find out more. Start with this, then see 13th floor, then go see blade runner, then see 2001.

I like Nolan for making a film he wanted to, and doing it well. Good job!



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