Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Be kind and dont scratch the disc!

Be Kind Rewind

When Jack Black accidentally magnetizes all the vhs tapes in Danny Glovers video store, he and his friend Mos Def have to remake all the movies themselves. Their versions are only 20 mins but contain a lot fun and heart. It draws the community in, and soon they start involving more people in the movies and they become hometown stars.

The point of this film is not their versions of the movie. The point is that format doesn’t matter and that the movie itself is the draw. I loved Ghostbusters and Robocop and Indiana Jones when they were on TV, or on vhs. Having them in dvd or bluray is nice of course, but the movie was good before all that. New formats don’t make shitty movies good!

The title Be Kind Rewind is based on the sticker that used to be on all video tapes when you rented them, but it also reminds us that sometimes you need to rewind in life and see what has passed and respect it. The funny parts of this movie are in the remakes Jack Black and Mos Def shoot, but also in Danny Glovers observations about current video stores – less selections, only comedy and action movies, employees that have no knowledge etc. This is a parallel to what is happening in Hollywood today!

The heart of this movie is about making a good movie that’s enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be a big budget, as long as there is a heart to it.

Take note Hollywood.



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