Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The Losers.

A pumped team of guys do a mission in Bolivia (their leader is the Comedian from Watchman, and the Human Torch from Fantastic Four – I know the actors names, but once you are a superhero, you are that guy forever). The mission gets screwed up and the team is betrayed and thought to have died. They must now get revenge on the guy who screwed them – Jason Patrick (playing a 80’s action villain on steroids!). This villain shoots Asian women if they don’t hold up umbrellas properly to shield him from the sun (but wait, after he shoots her, then no one is there to hold it??). He also changes plans every second – “Hire 18 thugs.”, then a moment later “Change of plan, I don’t need the 18 thugs, kill them cause they know too much.” Hahahahaha WOW, this guy means business!

We also saw the return of the uber-death. These occur to main villains or secondary villains, in this case secondary. I wont go into the details, but its bloody crazy!!!! The violence in this movie reminds of the 80’s where bad guys were bad and good guys were good. The good guys didn’t hurt innocent people and the Losers never kill anyone they don’t have to (which I really really liked).

Also they were smart. The second they smell a trap, they react – even before the script confirms it is a trap! I liked how the writers almost approached this from a audience perspective. They know we are smart, and they keep us guessing. A couple of nice twists are introduced, one I saw coming, the other I was shocked, and actually felt bad for the Losers!

All in all, this was a great time in the theatre and a super enjoyable movie to watch. It’s based on a series of comics, which I haven’t read, so maybe the twists in this plot are known to those who have read it, but regardless, this movie was really enjoyable! If it had come out in the 80’s I could see a TV show out of it. Maybe the L-Team???



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